Editorial Services

It’s been my great pleasure to work on a wide variety of books during my publishing career. From providing developmental and line edits, to selecting photos and penning captions, I’ve seen many books from concept to publication. Here is a sampling of the books I have worked on:

I am available for short-term and long-term editorial work. I can write articles, blog posts, brochures, press releases, and newsletters. I can can also edit any in-houses pieces. I’m adept with both AP and Chicago style.

For social media, I can help you develop your brand and voice across platforms, organically growing your readership. Social media can be a tricky beast, let me help!

For manuscript editing, I perform two services:

Developmental Edits: Developmental edits are where I’ll take an in-depth, overall look at your story. You will receive an extensive editorial letter from me detailing what work needs to be done on your book. Some things I look for: plot development, character arcs, believability, tone, and voice.

Line Edits: For a line edit, I will, as the title suggests, go over your manuscript line by line. I’ll look for dialogue tags, run-on sentences, overused words, word flow, and more.

For project management, I can shepherd a series from concept to publication. I have experience in contracting authors, reviewing outlines, providing style guidance, editing, writing captions, page proofing, and more. I know the ins and outs of the publication process.

My prices are very competitive, email me at ElissaEdits@gmail.com for more!