Meet Cover Model Jason Aaron Baca — The Man with More Covers than Fabio!

There’s so much more to books than just an author’s words, and Jason’s dream to be a cover model is certainly an inspirational tale. As self-publishing grows in popularity, there are a lot of opportunities to break into the industry — if you’re willing to work hard enough. 

View to a Kill by Lisa HugheyA walk through a bookstore changed Jason Aaron Baca’s life forever. He had clocked a decade’s worth of experience as a clothing and ad model, but a chance sighting of a romance novel had Baca dreaming big.

“I looked at the book cover, pictured myself on that cover, then looked around at all the other people in the store. I thought to myself, ‘these people don’t realize someone in this bookstore just had a life-changing moment,’ ” Baca remembers. Continue reading

Lifetime Movie Recap: Rob Lowe is Inexplicably Beautiful & Twisted

It may be hard to believe (or easy, depending on your Internet search history), but some of the most popular posts on the blog are my Lifetime movie recaps. Month after month, long after the movies air, they continue to rank high in Google Analytics. Here’s a peek, if you’re curious …

Another weekend, another amazing Lifetime movie. Oh, were you watching some … sporting event or some such? Me, I had my queso with a side of scruffy Rob Lowe while everyone cheered in the living room. #noregrets.

This Lifetime movie combines two of my true loves: true crime and camp. It begins with the tagline, “based on a true story,” — which it is, like, barely. I looked it up. I take my job seriously, people. Lifetime’s version is better. Isn’t it always? Continue reading

Organizing a Global PCR Database for GEDnet

One of my favorite parts about working in journalism is the variety of subject matter I get to deal with every day! Here’s a peek at my business writing; this is a case study for environmental firm PRé. 

Organizing a Global PCR Database for GEDnet

CASE STUDY | For non-profit organization GEDNET, an association that fosters worldwide information exchange, PRé created a global database of product category rules. The main benefits of this are cost reduction and increased traceability of data.

gednet-804x150  Continue reading

Veronica Roth Talks Movies

By the time this video was filmed Veronica Roth was an official Big Deal Author. For this interview we sat in a hallway of the convention hotel, as we had in years past. What was different this time was that we were continually interrupted as fans approached Veronica to profess their devotion. She was gracious and lovely, and eventually the fervor died down enough for us to film. Continue reading

The Sweet Life On The Big Screen: What’s Next For Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley Saga

Meeting Francine Pascal was a total thrill for me. As a kid I read book after book about Jessica and Elizabeth. The author was just as I’d hoped — she even looked like an older version of the Wakefields! — and she was so candid and lovely as we discussed her legacy, her books, and more. 

For a generation of women, Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield were it. Their blonde hair, their size-six frames, their high jinks — we loved everything about them. Which is why the twins’ recent resurgence, thanks to creator Francine Pascal’s 2011 sequel Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later, as well as her current e-serial, The Sweet Life, has been greeted with such excitement.

Seeing Jessica, Elizabeth and the gang navigate their 20s has been tons of fun, but if you’d prefer a throwback to the old days, look no further than Diablo Cody’s upcoming film adaptation of our favorite twins, which Pascal told us all about at the recent RT Convention in Chicago. Continue reading